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Private & 大学入学指导

KEY’s expert admission’s consultants are here to support you in finding the institution and program that best suit you. 私立学校和大学的课程不断发展. At KEY, we follow the dynamic nature of the admissions process to assure accurate information and effective advising sessions with our students. 你是否有兴趣在加拿大或美国申请, our commitment is to ensure you are submitting an application that sets you apart from the competition. 我们通过创建定制策略来帮助您, 确定你的独特和引人注目的故事,突出你的优势, 回顾个人陈述,为面试和学校参观做准备.

Academic Planning & Assessment

通过我们的学习计划,使您的孩子取得最大的十大正规网赌网址欢迎您. By targeting weaknesses and developing tools to ensure each child is excelling as quickly as possible, KEY与您的孩子一起工作,以确保结果. 通过得到正确的建议, 把教育放在第一位, 并致力于正确的项目, your child will be able to work through challenges and make improvements that will not only positively impact their current school life, 还有大学和教育后的生活.

We believe in the best quality, especially when it comes to the education of our children. KEY对我们的两个孩子都有帮助. Our son took KEY’s etiquette course and after that we noticed a remarkable change in the way he interacts with others, especially adults. 我们的朋友和亲戚甚至评论说,他的信心增加了. KEY helped our daughter gain admissions to one of the most competitive private schools by advising us every step of the process. KEY的奉献精神、服务水平和质量是无与伦比的. We have no doubt that KEY will be the go-to place for families wanting the best admissions advice and enrichment programs.
P.W. and M.W. -克罗夫顿家庭学校的家长


  • We learn of your family’s values and goals and match you to the right private schools.
  • We develop a list of target schools tailored to your child’s temperament and interests.
  • We break down the process, guiding you through each component of the admissions process.
  • We help you build your family’s confidence so that you make a positive and lasting impression on the decision-makers at your top schools.


  • An insider’s perspective which provides our family with unique insight on their applications.
  • 十大正规网赌网址欢迎您帮助学生如何在一流大学取得十大正规网赌网址欢迎您.
  • 我们在西方接受教育,在全球背景和观点下长大.
  • We help lay essential and formative foundations for our students to help them create their own legacies and find success.
  • We take a strategic, lifelong learning approach, promoting deep learning with students.

KEY Success

Our students have received admissions from many of the most prestigious universities in the world including:

  • 哥伦比亚大学 
  • 康奈尔大学 
  • NYU 
  • 卡内基瓜大学 
  • 加州大学伯克利分校 
  • Wellesley College 
  • Smith College 
  • Boston University
Thanks for all of your hard work and outstanding contributions for my son’s achievement. 在他的私立学校面试中, I saw a different side of my son; a confident, positive, 有礼貌的年轻人. 在里士满基督教学校的校长面试我儿子之后, 他当场提出了入学申请,并欢迎我儿子来到学校社区. 这对我儿子和我来说都是好消息. I believe Richmond Christian School will be a great challenge for my son and I’d love to ask KEY’s assistance to continue helping him achieve a higher level of educational goals and realizing his value in life.
J.Z. -里士满基督教学校的家长

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